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Common DUI Charges In San Diego

 There are many things to consider when you are pulled over for a DUI in the San Diego area. Of course, after you call your DUI attorney, you are going to begin thinking about the different DUI charges in San Diego that you may be facing. It is important to understand the potential charges as well as the penalties that occur with when you face a court hearing on a DUI. We will take a look at the likely charges and penalties that you will face for DUI charges in the San Diego area.

 First Offense DUI Since DUI charges and punishments are typically predicated on the number of offenses that the individual has had, it is best to organize them in terms of such. For a first offense DUI charges in the San Diego area, the punishment that you receive will typically be at least four days in jail with a maximum of six months. This can be increased depending on factors such as reckless driving or injuries resulting from the DUI charges. You can also count on a fine from $390 up to $1,000.

 Second Offense DUI As a repeat offender, the DUI charges in San Diego will be considered even more seriously and the punishment will be even more severe. The fines for a second DUI charge will usually range upwards of $1,800 after all of the court fees have been factored in. You will also be compelled to attend an alcohol treatment program that can last up to 30 months. Finally, you will spend ten days in jail as a result of your DUI charges in San Diego. You will also be forced to install a device on your vehicle that you must use as a breathalyzer before it will start.

 Third Offense DUI As a multiple offender, the DUI charges in San Diego are remarkably more severe at this level. While the fines are about the same, you will face mandatory jail time that will extend to three months in jail. Your license will also be revoked at this point for a period of three years. In order to get your license back, you will have to complete a 30 month program to qualify for you license. There are also several monetary penalties that you will suffer for a third offense, which can total up to $18,000.

  With Injuries Once you venture into the area of DUI charges in San Diego that include injuries, there are even more severe punishments available. Depending on whether you are charged with the misdemeanor or the felony version of this crime, you can expect high degrees of restitution for those who have been injured in the accidents. For a felony, though, you can expect to serve a great deal more jail time, up to ten years depending on the severity and the level of inebriation of the driver.

 No matter what specific charges you are facing, it is important to realize that there is help available to you. You can get an attorney who specializes in DUI charges in San Diego to help you navigate the court systems so that you can get through the process, submit to justice, and get on with your life.